Incenses are intended for magical, religious or just for your well-being. For Africans and Americans, the incense technique is still alive. Incenses are used on a specific day and are in accordance with the rituals.


The use of incense goes back to the beginning of time. Incenses have pharmacological effects to treat different diseases such as muscular tension, respiratory diseases, rheumatism, facilitate childbirth... Sometimes they are also used to impregnate a pleasant smell inside the house. Used wisely, the perfumes released by fumigation have a beneficial impact. In the art of magic, magical incenses help to concentrate and purify the place. Incenses are made according to precise rules in order to obtain what is desired. Each incense has a correspondence with the signs of the zodiac. The different stars such as the moon, the sun, the stars... have a particular incense. Incense and rituals go together. They consolidate to eventually reach a large scale. There are three types of incense: herbal incense, wood incense and resin incense. Herbal incenses are incenses made from flowers, herbs or dried berries. They can be presented in stick or cone form. Wood incense is made from wood bark or wood chips. They can be burned on embers. They also come in stick or cone form. Resinous incenses are made of gum or resin. They can also be found in cones or sticks.


Magic incenses have particular powers capable of making objects and bodies tremble. The vibrations of the objects are contained in the form of the smoke that is released. The smoke that is released has the power to make a person able to perform the ritual. In magic, incense comes in the form of pieces of resin to be burned on embers. When a stick of incense is lit, a magical atmosphere is created. It is the link between the visible and the invisible. In the rituals of magic, it is essential to burn incense to be able to connect with the solar and cosmic forces. Here are some examples of incense and their magical uses: Amber incense transfers prayers and intensifies meditation. Star Anise Incense is used in rituals of prosperity and luck. Sandalwood incense prepares for all kinds of rituals. Cinnamon incense is used in rituals of seduction. The incense of Gum Arabic neutralizes negative waves and allows the manifestation of positive waves. The incense of Lavender is used during the rituals of clairvoyance and love. Pine incense brings money, prosperity and purification. Dragon's Blood incense is used in love rituals, it arouses sexual impulses.


For powdered incense, place the lit charcoal in a brass bowl with a foot to prevent the furniture from burning. If the charcoal becomes an ember, put a pinch of incense on it and the smoke starts to come out. Do not add too much incense powder to avoid smothering the burning coal. Incense cubes or sticks are used without charcoal. Light the end of the cube and extinguish the flame after 40 seconds. The cube burns itself. If you don't use the stick anymore, just crush the end. It can still be used. For the incense in cone, its mode of use is like the incense in stick. Light the end and put out the flame after 10 seconds. We crush the end to extinguish the combustion in progress.