If some people have gifts of clairvoyance or prediction of the future, others have them to cause harm by looking at their neighbor with an evil eye. There are however rituals that can protect you. The elements used in these rituals can overcome these evil spells.


For many people, witchcraft still seems to be a myth, or even a joke, because it does not seem to make sense. The evil eye, as the name implies, is an evil look of considerable power cast upon you by some jealous or hateful person. The consequences on your life are striking, like a huge fatigue for no apparent reason, troubles that follow one another endlessly, every day that passes is dull... in short, the days are boring and tiring. The magic protection rituals are usually done on Friday and work from the first day if they are effective. It is possible to repeat them as many times as you want to get the expected result. The protection rituals can be used on an ad hoc basis as all remedies are welcome. They are an effective weapon, but above all an enormous encouragement in the face of problems.


In order for the rituals to be effective, certain elements are essential for the person who wishes to get rid of the evil spell. It can be a luck ritual, a money ritual, a heart ritual, an enchantment ritual to create a solid rampart of protection... These elements are essentially fire, air, earth and water. Natural, these components of the ritual all hold an important place in the incantation: fire for the colors, water represented by the various magic potions, the various stones to symbolize the earth and incense to represent the air. All of them work together to free the body and mind from negative waves and bad vibrations, and to recover lost energy and good mood. In fact, white magic is the only remedy to restore the tranquility lost in the previous life, and to install harmony in all acts.  Finally, the last essential element for magic to work is belief. It is very important to believe before anything else. If it is just to "test", it is better to abandon the subject.


In general, a session is divided into three distinct parts: the opening, the intermediate sessions and the closing. The first part is the preparation, where cleansing is essential. It is important to be physically clean and of sound mind by taking a bath or shower with lavender to relieve negative tensions and stress. Then you must dress in clean and light-colored clothes if possible. Sobriety and cleanliness are among the important points to perfect the ritual. Then, you have to install the necessary material: the altar, the different elements, the magic circle in order to concentrate all the positive energies of white magic... What you have to remember is that the practitioner must imperatively conform to the rules. The advantage is that the ritual can be practiced by connoisseurs as well as beginners. Thus, you could benefit from this incantation which will henceforth serve as a barrier to different actions or people who want to harm you. Now you have to recite a famous ancient text as clearly as possible so that the angel concerned can hear your call.  It should be noted that it is wiser to consult a lunar calendar before starting the ritual. This is to know and perform the incantation during the right periods.