When we speak about oracle, we speak about divination. Divination is a way to discern what is unknown by non-rational processes. Those who perform it have access to a paranormal intuition of things normally ignored as the future or the hidden. She applies different arts to practice it, the oracle is among these arts that she uses. You need to consult oracles, but don't know how it works. So here is some information to help you in the process.


The oracle can have many definitions, it can be defined as the individual who gives the divination, it can also be considered as the divinatory answer given to the individual, it can also be the place where the answer is attributed. From this, two types of oracles can be drawn. The human oracle which is the individual who has an occult ability. When you consult the oracles, it is this one who interprets and communicates the messages derived from the divinity or gods. Usually, he puts himself in a state of apprehension to be able to obtain the thoughts to be delivered. The object oracle is also the object that the clairvoyant uses to practice his consultation. The object oracle has two distinct characters. We say that an object oracle is projective when it has the quality of prediction. It concerns the facts that are to come. As a result, you can propel yourself into the future by knowing what is going to happen. The object oracle is also analytical since it is used to analyze a situation in order to better understand what is happening. Thus, you can obtain from the messenger the essential tools to be able to resist better to your concern or to find solutions to your problems.


When you consult the oracles, they provide you with divine answers, following questions that you have asked or following worries that concern you. The oracle will manifest itself by signs. The divine would be immersed in a state of deep captivity. The oracle will transmit a feeling, emotions, sensations or even words. You can even be the diviner. In this case be very attentive and very critical on the signs that you perceive. The oracle will show you images, words and ideas. After that, the prophet, who can be yourself, will have to transmit the message he has received. This is called decoding. This decoding is the interpretation of the signals you have received. This is the most difficult step since the communication of the message must be neutral. It will also be necessary to be patient and not to rush in the delivery of the answers. The oracle provides deep wisdom that requires meditation. There are things that you might understand faster than others. That is why you must take your time before communicating the expected answer.


To consult the oracles, it is necessary for you to use supports to make you pass the message. There can be hundreds, but you can choose these few selected tools. The cards are the most used supports to consult the oracles. It is through the cards that the clairvoyant will receive the messages and transmit them to the consultant. There are several ways to manipulate these cards, but the objective is the same. You can also choose the lines of your hand to consult the oracles. This type of support is also very popular and used by several diviners, to carry out his consultation. The seer will use the hand of the consultant to pick up the signals. Each person has his own characteristic on the lines of the hand, that's why the clairvoyant uses it for support of oracle consultation.