Natural elixirs, Bach flowers are used in phytotherapy to heal negative emotions. They help to better manage the emotional level on a daily basis. These wild plants act on the senses and effectively overcome emotional disturbances. Discover, in the continuation of the article, the actions of the flowers of Bach.


Bach flowers take their name from the homeopathic physician and bacteriologist Edward Bach. This medical professional spent most of his time finding remedies for emotional imbalance. One day, when he was walking in the countryside, this Welshman felt particular emotions when he touched some flower essences. According to the studies carried out by this doctor, these plants help to overcome 7 negative emotional states, namely uncertainty, fear, loneliness, lack of interest in the present, despair, hypersensitivity to influences and excessive concern for well-being. Since their discovery, Bach Flower Remedies for Emotions have not lost their power. They draw their energy from their essence. This has an impressive therapeutic influence. The elixirs are prepared by diluting them in pure water. The solution thus obtained is administered orally, in the form of drops. It is also used on the skin layer during a massage or a friction. In this case, the formula will be mixed with neutral cream. If the elixirs are used as a background treatment, they will be diluted in water. It is then advisable to drink 4 drops of the mixture 4 times a day. In any case, the consultation of a specialist is recommended before following a treatment based on Bach flowers.


In all, there are 38 Bach Flowers for emotions. These plants are divided into 7 groups according to the negative emotional states mentioned above. The flowers that fight against uncertainty are cerato, scleranthus, gentian, gorse, hornbeam and wild oat. The anti-fear elixirs are rock rose, aspen, mimulus, red chesnut and cherry plum. The flowers that act against loneliness are heather, impatiens and water violet. The plants that cure the lack of interest in the present are honeysuckle, clematis, wild rose, white chestnut, olive, mustard and chestnut bud. Flowers that work against despair are elm, larch, pine, sweet chestnut, willow, star of Bethlehem, oak and crab apple. The elixirs that fight against hypersensitivity to influences are centaury, agrimomy, holly and walnut. Finally, the Bach flowers that relieve excessive preoccupation with well-being are vervain, chicory, beech, vine and rock water. Depending on the problem to be solved, one can take a single elixir or a floral composition. This second formula contains a maximum of 5 flowers. A rescue remedy called Rescue has been designed to cure crisis states such as panic and confusion. This remedy helps patients to have a serene life.


In order for Bach flowers to retain their power longer, store them in the right conditions. The elixirs must be stored in a dry place, away from light and impurities. They are maintained for 1 or 2 months after opening their packaging. Beyond the expiration date, the product will lose its properties. Everyone (children, young people, the elderly, etc.) can use Bach flowers to manage negative emotional states. Pets can also benefit from these flower essences. There are no specific contraindications to these elixirs. Moreover, these plants do not cause any undesirable effects. However, because of the presence of alcohol in certain compositions, the opinion of a doctor is essential for the people in period of alcoholic withdrawal, the pregnant women and the nursing mothers.