Each person is endowed with a magnetic power. To develop it, it is necessary to add precious and semi-precious stones. Discover in this article the benefits as well as the capacities of these minerals.


Magnetism is a method of care that can treat and even cure multiple pains. This form of healing applies to everyone and has no contraindications. However, the practice can only be carried out by people with strong transmitting magnetism. Indeed, the latter aims at transmitting a vital fluid called etheric fluid to the receivers (the patients). The aim of the transfer is to alleviate, and if possible, to heal physical and mental pain. Some patients turn to this solution when conventional medicine is unable to reduce the disease. Moreover, some people resort to magnetism to relieve joint, bone, digestive problems or fatigue, depression, migraine, etc. Lithotherapy is another form of treatment of diseases by the use of energies. It makes use of the energy of stones to soothe pain. The practice can also be used to solve any problem. In order to promote the healing of the patient, the magnetizer uses the power of precious and semi-precious stones. During the practice, the professional chooses a specific stone according to the problems and expectations of the patient. Then, the patient lies down to allow the magnetizer to place the stones on the parts of his body called chakras. After the placement of the stones, the patient will feel an intense bodily relief that alleviates the pain.


The birthstones are precious and semi-precious stones attached to a month of the calendar. In lithotherapy, each birthstone corresponds to a meaning and a protective power. The origin of these magical rocks goes back to antiquity. Indeed, many writings relate the mystical capacities of these pebbles. There are 12 birthstones. They are among others: garnet, amethyst, aquamarine, emerald, moonstone, diamond, ruby, sapphire, etc.  These minerals are endowed with energies that enhance certain sensitivities in the people who wear them. Each mineral reveals a particular story and conveys a specific value. Some people place their stone around the neck or wrist. You can also hang it on the wall of your home. For example, the garnet associated with the January birthstone represents the stone of constancy. This mineral accentuates determination and offers the wearer greater self-confidence. You can wear this stone to gain willpower and perseverance. It is also the ideal stone to ensure the success of your project.


The power of precious and semi-precious stones varies according to the type of mineral. Agate provides inner stability, for example. This stone enhances your sense of discernment. Aquamarine corresponds to the throat chakra. Thus, it encourages its wearer to communicate. This stone also encourages honesty. It is recommended to those who have difficulty speaking and verbalizing. Then, amazonite is a stone of harmony. It brings solace and comfort. It erases sadness and removes inner tensions and pressure. Amethyst refers to spirituality. It is the stone of choice to face the mourning. It helps to get back in hand after a separation. This mineral alleviates anxiety and promotes serenity. It is also the stone you need to get rid of any form of addiction. As for aventurine, it is suitable for emotional people. Indeed, this stone helps to better control emotions, especially anger and aggression. And the bronzite is a variety of garnet. It restores vitality. It should be remembered that the Romans used it to regain strength.