Dreams appear to us in a symbolic language. Even though there are many interpretations for many types of dreams, their language is still foreign to us. In fact, there are dreams that we do not understand exactly the logic and meaning of. There are many reasons why we want to interpret our dreams. In this article, discover why and how to interpret your dreams.


Dreams are psychic phenomena produced by our brain during our sleep. Indeed, Pr Arnulf confirms that dreams can be translated by the way our brain thinks. In general, they occur when we reach REM sleep. In this phase, our brain emits rapid waves and participates in intense cerebral activity. Dreams can also occur in other phases of sleep such as slow wave sleep. However, we only remember dreams that occur during REM sleep. According to researchers, dreams come from the amnesic traces that are present in our brain. In fact, to put it simply, we can say that our dreams are the fruits of our inner experience during the day.


To understand the encrypted messages of our dreams, we must understand that dreams are the reflections of our emotions, our fears and our desires. Thus, when we dream, our unconsciousness tries to reveal us hidden truths. In general, we have more negative dreams than positive ones. This is due to the fact that our dreams help us to make better decisions and to react better to dangers. Indeed, we dream most of the time of a situation to which we think to have acted badly. This same situation then appears in our dreams to give our mind a chance to react as we wanted. There are also many other types of dreams, but be aware that even though some of them may seem negative, they are good and necessary for our health.


Our conscious mind hides many things about ourselves. Our unconscious mind then helps us reveal these truths while we sleep by encrypting its messages in the form of dreams. Of course, it is often shocking to recognize an unsuspected truth about our soul. However, interpreting our dreams can help us to see more clearly our personality, our fears and our desires. We sometimes serve as a guide, some dreams are very complicated to interpret. In order to understand the message transmitted to our conscious mind, it is often necessary to take a rather deep step. Indeed, a dream can have several interpretations. As a result, it is very likely that the true meanings of certain dreams remain hidden after a bad interpretation. In order to be effective in interpretations, it is first necessary to remember your dreams. Then, it is necessary to note and understand the signs and clues that are there. You can get help by reading different books on dream interpretation. You also have the possibility of calling upon an interpreter or a psychologist in case of difficulty, because it is certain that the interpretation of dreams requires knowledge and experience. In short, finding the meaning of your dreams requires a great deal of self-knowledge. And sometimes, even with the help of an interpreter, some dreams remain inexplicable. In particular, when they try to reveal our real being which is well hidden behind the mask of our personality. On the other hand, by learning to know oneself and by following the right approach, it is quite possible to have an evolution in the understanding of one's dreams and thus interpret them.