The decision to remember your dreams involves effort. In order to have the ability to remember your dreams, an individual must first and foremost focus on his or her being and purpose. Self-awareness is the key element to remembering your dreams.


For many reasons, a person decides to want to remember his dreams at all costs.  There are effective tips to achieve this goal. When you wake up, you have to keep your eyes closed for a few minutes in order to stay in your world for a short time. You need to concentrate on remembering your night before you wake up. Once your eyes are open, you can fix your gaze on an object in order not to lose your dreams. Afterwards, it is strongly advised to write down your dreams in a notebook. You do not have to write in detail. Obviously, before you go to sleep at night, you should want to remember your dreams. Dream interpretation can help an individual to know themselves a little more or to predict their future. Dreams remain very useful sources of information for everyday life. Before going to sleep, you should keep in your brain your wish to remember your dreams. The subconscious is not controllable so the effort must come from you.


Dreams occur when you go into REM sleep. This is a deep sleep that allows the physical body to rest completely. Remembering your dreams implies the need to control your brain. It is clear that dreams are messages sent by the subconscious. It is therefore important to know yourself in order to facilitate the recollection of your dreams. If you find it difficult to control your brain, you can wake up several times during the night. This will give you a lot of information about your dreams. The quality of sleep plays an important role if you want to remember your dreams. It is worth noting that by sleeping 8 hours a day, an individual could easily remember his dreams. The ideal would be to remember your dreams every day in order to increase in volume. The more time passes, the more opportunity you will have to remember a longer dream.


When you wake up, you should do a briefing about the previous night and not get up directly. Autosuggestion is a very popular way to do this because it allows you to think positively before falling asleep. Afterwards, it is fundamental to have a notebook to permanently memorize the memories of the night. The goal is not to let the dream evaporate suddenly.  For better memories, you must not neglect the details related to the colors and the past events. You must have patience to be able to recall all your dreams.  It takes a lot of practice to achieve a convincing result. Waking up gently can help you retain your dreams in your brain. When you wake up, it is crucial that you stay in the same position because sudden movement could disturb your brain. Note-taking is fundamental when you decide to make an interpretation of your dreams. To have a complete memory of your dreams, you must persist and persevere because it is not an easy step.