As part of numerology, knowing your personal year is a real asset. It allows you to know the vibrations that await you each year and to apprehend certain events in your life, be it professional, sentimental or personal. With a cycle of nine, your personal year changes every year. How to calculate it? What indications to follow in this article!


Some numerologists also call it "annual vibration". It allows us to know the general climate of the year and to determine the key points that will animate it. To avoid facing the vibratory frequencies, it is preferable to use all the assets at your disposal. Learning to calculate your personal year allows you to take advantage of the vibrations that are around you. You will then be able to make the most appropriate decisions, depending on the situations and actions of the moment. By knowing your personal year, you can easily obtain positive results.


Contrary to the life path, the personal year allows you to determine which vibrations are gravitating around you during the year. It is easy to calculate your annual year. It is the result of the sum of your day and month of birth with the current year. You then have to convert the remaining digits to a number between 1 and 9. So, if you were born on May 15th, you must add 1+5+(0)+5+2+(0)+1+9= 23. To find out your personal year number, you need to do 2+3= 5. So your number for the year 2019 is 5.


Each number evokes vibrations that can have quite significant impacts on your life. The personal year 1 evokes renewal. Your current year will be filled with dynamism, provided you rely only on yourself. There will be a major change in your life during the year in continuity with what you have already undertaken in the previous year. You will encounter very few obstacles, which will be dominated by major life changing events. Personal Year 2 reflects openness to others. This is a good time to build relationships with those around you. You will achieve your goal during the year despite the emotional trials you will face. Personal Year 3 is the year of creativity. You will not be bored during this year, for it will be filled with many wonderful surprises. There are many opportunities for you and your creativity will be rewarded. Personal Year 4 represents work. You must work hard to achieve your goal. This is essential both personally and professionally. It will be a challenging year, but you will build a solid foundation with your experiences. Movement will be the watchword of the personal year 5. You will cross new horizons with a breeze. If you still feel like moving, this is the right time. Dare to make decisions for a better professional life. Gentleness and calm will dominate your personal year 6. You will have many opportunities to enjoy your family and yourself. Remember to make time for yourself and let go. In Personal Year 7, you will learn to rest and rethink your situation. You must be willing to wait until your projects are mature before you take the plunge. With personal year 8, you will have to put in maximum effort to reach your goal. This is true both personally and professionally, but you will enjoy a positive outcome at the end of the year. Personal Year 9 marks the end of the cycle. You must finish all the projects you have started and especially get rid of the negative sides of your life. You must turn all changes into opportunities. If possible, consider keeping your job this year. It is much more profitable for you.