To calculate your life path, you have to use numerology. Numerology is the art of indicating the future and the psychology of an individual from the analysis of the number corresponding to his date of birth.


Numerology is a very effective divinatory method to calculate the path of life. It is a study that aims at making numbers speak to explain the destiny, interpret the existence, and identify the strengths and weaknesses. Indeed, an individual must practice numerology to calculate the path of life. The latter is the most important number in numerology. The life path refers to the sum that is reduced from the date of birth. It evokes the objective, the mission and the challenges. Generally, it is to be calculated from the date of birth. To calculate the number of birth, it is necessary to add the year of birth, the month and the day after it is enough to reduce the result until the number obtained is lower than 10.


Numerology allows to decipher the personality. The path of life can also be called the number of the destiny. This number can be used as a reference to know the destiny. It is used to indicate the kind of circumstances that an individual faces regularly. It can also reveal the mission and goal he or she is trying to accomplish in this life. It allows him to improve the qualities that are essential to their realization. Calculating this number reveals the facets of the personality. The life path helps to develop the personality and to evaluate the potential.


To calculate the life path, the numbers that make up your date of birth must be added together. First, you need to start by adding up all the elements of your birth date. You need to take into account the numbers that make up the day, month and year. But, before proceeding with the calculation, the numbers of the year of birth must be added together. If the numbers obtained result in a Master Number such as 11 or 22, they should not be added together. The master number is not to be added. This one is very important. When the digits that make up the date of birth (day, month and year) are added together, it produces three numbers. These are to be added together to get a life path. In general, it is possible to choose between two methods to practice the methodology. Many numerology enthusiasts are used to doing horizontal addition to find out their life path. For this, the process consists of adding each number that makes up the date of birth in a direct way. This method allows to obtain a result that indicates the life path. Vertical addition also allows you to add up the date of birth. The numbers that make up the result must be added again. It is important to make two calculations to avoid missing the essential master number. The vertical calculation gives a master number 22 while the horizontal addition can give the life path 4. Two calculations are necessary to avoid misinterpretation. The master number influences the results obtained. It turns out that it is more important than the final result. The destiny of an individual born on this date is more defined by the path 22. The influence of the master number seems to be more determining if it is determined by the vertical calculation. On the other hand, if the master number is determined by horizontal addition, its influence is not very important.